BG World Class Gymnastics offers classes beginning at 18 months and includes Age Group Program for boys and girls, cheerleaders/tumbling and competitive team program for boys and girls. We also host Birthday parties. 

Pre School Program

This program is a child's first introduction to gymnastics. Students learn to be successful and independent through a variety of activities. Students learn the basic fundamental skills of gymnastics including handstand, cartwheel, forward/backward rolls, jumping and other loco-motor/gymnastics skills. Many skills are taught through the use of mats, hoops, wedge mats and an obstacle course. At the teaching station the skill may be modified to challenge children at various levels allowing all children to experience success. Students in these classes begin with warm-ups and then participate in the floor station set up as an obstacle course. In addition they will participate in other events including the uneven bars, balance beam, and vault.

Tiny Tumblers (18 months-3 years old) 30 min
Mini-Gymnast (3-5 years old) 1 hour class
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Age Group Program

This program uses progressive developmental, skill-based approach. Each class is divided into instructional groups. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced gymnast in each class. We first group our classes by age, as we believe that it is an important part of class is to be with age appropriate peers. We then group the class by ability level. We try to individualize instruction in an effort to meet each student's needs since all children learn at different rates. Each class begins with warm-ups, then has 2-3 instructional activities and ends with jumping on the trampoline and play time in the foam pit.

Girls (5-7 years old) - 1 hour class
Girls (7-10 years old) - 1 hour class
Girls (10-Teen) - 1 hour class
Boys (6-Teen) - 1 hour class